Finding your wedding dress is one thing, however finding someone you trust to alter it is quite another. At Fabricated Bridal Alterations, we understand how precious your wedding dress is, and will be with you every step of the way to make it uniquely perfect to you. Our couture approach to alterations, ensures the same flawless finish to your alterations that the original designer finished the gown with.

Our stunning boutique & studio, located in Glasgow’s west end, is the perfect setting for your bridal party.

Our team of dedicated and highly experienced seamstresses will be able to advise on making you look and feel great in your dress. From talking you though the possiblities, offering ideas and design solutions, to ensuring that every stitch & bead is altered to perfection, Fabricated Bridal’s dedication to perfection and the highest dressmaking standards, will ensure your gown is perfect on your big day.



As each wedding gown is so different, as is every bride, the nature & cost of bridal alterations can vary. We charge per alterations rather that having a ‘package price’ like many bridal shops.

Wedding dresses have many layers, and with embellishment, the time taken to alter a wedding dress can vary hugely. It’s always worth bearing this in mind when buying you wedding dress. We are more than happy to provide as much information as we can as to the cost of your alterations before you come in, however it is not until we see the gown on you that we will be able to advise on final costs. For more information on the pricing process, please visit our blog