wedding dress dry-cleaning

Whether your dress is second hand, needs a freshen up before the wedding, or you’re lucky enough to get to wear it more than once – we will make sure your dress is cleaned to the highest of standards using the gentlest methods. Our wedding dress dry-cleaning team individually asses each gown and use different techniques and cleaning methods to achieve the best results individual to your gown.



Wedding Dress Dry-Cleaning – £135
Silk / Specialist Wedding Dress Dry-Cleaning – £185*

*100% silk wedding dresses require much gentler cleaning as effectively cleaning silk is complex. We use a variety of tailored methods on silk gowns depending on the material composition and the nature of the staining to achieve the best results. Some other gowns, especially those with an ‘F’ dry-cleaning label need additional care too and we will cost these accordingly. Please bring your dress into the boutique or email us some pictures if you are unsure!

Bridesmaid Dress Dry-cleaning – £45
Mother of the Bride Outfit – £65

You don’t need an appointment to drop your dress is for cleaning. The dry-clean only service usually takes around 3 weeks however please let us know if you require your dress back sooner!

aftercare package

Preserve your wedding dress for generations to come with our Wedding Dress Aftercare Package. Your dress will be expertly cleaned and repaired, before being carefully packaged in one of our specially designed wedding dress boxes, that creates the perfect environment for your dress to breathe over time.


the packages come in 5 different sizes

Cleaning & Boxing Aftercare Package – £295*

*an additional fee may apply if the cleaning instructions on your gown vary from the standard “P” instructions.

Cleaning, Repairs, Packing and a specialise wedding dress storage box are all included in the package. Our beautiful Wedding Dress Storage boxes are made from acid-free cardboard, which protects your dress during long-term storage. General wear and tear repairs are included however if there is extensive damage to the gown we will charge for repairs separately. On seeing your gown we can advise.

We will clean and pack your underskirt, veil and any other keepsake or accessory that you would like kept in with your dress too, free of charge.

Feel free to pop in any time with your for the Aftercare Package, you don’t need an appointment to book it in. If you’d like more information about why you should clean your wedding dress, visit our blog.

If you would like to have your wedding dress cleaned, repaired & packed by us, but are not local to Glasgow, please ask about our couriered service (additional charges apply).